Hello and congratulations on your pregnancy!

Whatever stage of pregnancy you are at and whatever type of childbirth you are planning, MummyNatal FEDANT-approved birth preparation courses can help you to discover what feels right for you and your baby.

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What are MummyNatal Courses and Natal Birth Workshops?

MummyNatal mums-only birth preparation classes and birth partner workshops aim to empower expectant parents through informed choice. Our mindfulness-inspired approach can help reduce anxieties and build confidence. We want to help parents feel fully prepared and ready for the day that baby begins their arrival.

I work with parents who are planning a huge variety of childbirths, including Caesarian Sections. We share unbiased pregnancy physiology and birth education which applies to every type of pregnancy and birth. The ultimate goal is not to tell you 'the right way' to have your baby, but to help you find out what feels right for YOU. The mindfulness-inspired techniques you will learn can be used throughout your entire pregnancy journey, as well during your baby's birth. 

Classes for Mums

Weekly evening classes just for mums-to-be, meet new friends and find support and education for your pregnancy and birthing journey. FREE trial classs available! You will need to bring along a birth ball. 

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Workshops for Couples

A 4 hour session for birthing partners to attend with mum-to-be. We cover everything you need to know for supporting each other through pregnancy, labour or Caesarean section, as well as during mum's postnatal recovery period.

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Bumps and Bashes Family First Aid Course

Just £30 per person to learn how to save a life!

The Bumps and Bashes Family First Aid course covers everything you need to know specifically for babies and children, and even shows you First Aid for adults in the family too. Saturday 17th February, St Paul's Church Hall, Heaton Moor Stockport 12.30-3.30pm.

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Try MummyNatal for Free!

I offer mums-to-be a FREE trial MummyNatal class, so you can experience a small taster of the course before booking.

You can click here to book your free place online, or for any questions just contact me or click to send me a Facebook message. Alternatively you can fill out the form below if you'd like to find out more about free trials or courses. You can also send a message to 07732438645, I can't usually answer calls but can always reply quickly to texts or emails. The free trial offer is open to new clients and is for the mums-only classes, not birth partner workshops.