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Birth Preparation Courses for Expectant Mums

My mums-only childbirth preparation classes are currently running in Heaton Moor, in Denton and in Mossley. These locations are close to Ashton-under-Lyne/Oldham, Manchester and Stockport, so convenient for many towns and villages.

MummyNatal classes use mindfulness-inspired exercises that can be helpful for every type of pregnancy and labour, including Caesarean sections. The activities include a range of relaxing movements to help baby move into their optimal birthing position, gentle exercises on and with the birth ball, practising meditations and mantra to use both during pregnancy and labour, active labour positions, antenatal and pregnancy education, and time for you to be present and focus on your bond with baby. Plus anyone who books with me recieves my ongoing online support throughout pregnancy and beyond, along with my exclusive goodybag packed with information and treats! Amongst many other things you will receive contains some hospital bag essentials and a set of my beautiful birth affirmation cards worth £5.00.

The skills you will learn during my courses can be used during any stage of pregnancy, as well as during labour or a section, and have a postnatal benefit too. Everything we do in our birth preparation class helps to build the mindset for a positive childbirth experience - no matter where and how you will be having your baby. The 6 week course is just for mums-to-be, but I also run sessions your birth partner can attend as well. Please click here for the Natal Birth Partner workshops, which run in Mossley and Stockport.

Our six week course for mums-to-be will guide you through:

- mindful breathing practise to keep you calm and focused during labour and birth

- exercises and positions for encouraging baby into the optimum birthing position

- managing labour pains or strong sensations from contractions or sections

- time for you to be present and focus on yourself

- time to strengthen your bond with baby

- learning how to use mantra, visualisation and walking meditations to help you feel calm and relaxed

- mindful birth ball movements to relieve tension

- practical pregnancy and childbirth education

We share unbiased information about:

- Hospital and home births

- Interventions and induction

- Caesarean sections

- Pool births

- Pregnancy physiology

- Childbirth education

Essential information:

  • You will need an anti-burst birthing ball for this course Please check which size you require before you buy one. 5ft 8in or under in height = 65cm ball, 5ft 9in or taller = 75cm ball. You also have the option of me providing you with a birth ball in your first class for £10 plus the course price.
  • You may wish to wear soft, loose clothing so you are not feeling restricted during any activity or movements.
  • Exercise mats will be provided. If you have your own non-slip exercise mat you are welcome to bring it with you.
  • You may wish to bring a cushion to help support your knees or ankles when we do some movements on the floor.
  • The 6 week course is for mums-to-be only. If you wish to attend a birth partner class these are held separately at weekends in Stockport and Mossley. They are taught in a block of 4 hours for small groups, or privately at your own convenience.

Course Dates and Locations

MummyNatal classes are running in Denton, Manchester; in Heaton Moor, Stockport, and in Ashton-under-Lyne/Oldham, Mossley. If you wish me to provide a birth ball for you they cost £10 as well as the course cost. Taster classes are also available for new clients. Find out more about when the taster classes are running, usually the first week of each new term. To find out about booking policies for 6 week courses click here.

Ashton-u-Lyne Courses:

8th April-13th May
Mossley Community Centre
Ol5 0SG

6 Week Course with Birth Ball
Birth balls are 65cm, suitable for ladies 5'8" and under.
Please contact me if you require the larger 75cm size.
Colours are red or silver as standard.

6 Week Course
*Please bring your own birth ball to class*

Stockport Courses:

17th April-22nd May
St Paul's Church Hall
Heaton Moor
Tuesdays, 6-7.10pm

6 Week Course with Ball
Birth balls are 65cm suitable for ladies 5'8" and under.
Please contact me if you require the larger 75cm size.
Colours are red or silver as standard.

6 Week Course
*Please bring your own birth ball to class*

Contact and Booking

If you would like to contact me about the classes you can fill out the form below, email me at or call/text 07732438645. If you'd like to find out more about booking policies you can click the 'Book Now' button.