Goals for 2018

Today I'm writing about goals and challenges I want to set for myself in the New Year. Not resolutions as such, and none of this 'New Year, new you' stuff (because really, what's wrong with the old you? I really quite liked old me - I used to sleep more than 3 hours a night and be able to exercise daily without wanting to die.) But there a few things I want to bring my focus to, because I think that will help me develop personally and professionally. I am mindful that the journey is the destination, and whether I achieve them or not I will enjoy the experience.

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Goals and Challenges for 2018

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Goal 1 - Complete Infant Massage & Yoga Training

These qualifications will help me expand my business and help me to offer a more complete service to new parents in Manchester, Tameside and Stockport. Massage was so beneficial when my daughter was newborn, as she struggled with trapped wind, colic and reflux. Even now she is a restless sleeper and only a tummy massage can calm her! So I have the seen the benefits first hand and can't wait to pass that knowledge on.

Goal 2 - Work on Running Distance

I've signed up to run the Manchester 10k for Alzheimer's and Dementia. This is something very important to me, as my grandmother passed away after complications related to dementia. She fought so bravely and it would be wonderful if I could achieve the 10k in her memory, as well as help to raise some research funds.

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Goal 3 - Improve Strength and Fitness

Along with more regular running, I'd love to properly get back into yoga or Pilates, really take it seriously as part of my daily routine instead of just dipping in and out as and when I get chance. It is very hard to make time for myself though, so sometimes fitness really does have to take a backseat sadly.

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Goal 4 - Remember to Love Myself

Linking to my fitness and health goals, I also need to help myself mentally. Mindfulness has helped my emotional awareness no end, and I love practising a daily meditation, but I'd like to find some way to ringfence that precious 'me time' and allow myself some space. With a young family and husband struggling with mental health issues that won't be easy, but it is important to have that awareness and work towards it.


Goal 5 - Read More & Share Reviews

I love reading. I want to find some new reading challenges and take part, which Twitter is great for, so I will get involved with some of those. I also love getting my own reviews for classes, so think it is important I give reviews too. I might add reviews to my blog in 2018. Reading makes me feel better in so many ways; it educates me, takes me out of my own life for a few moments (or hours if I'm lucky!), as well as inspires me, and maybe publishing reviews will help me connect with others and inspire them too.

Goal 6 - Relax!

Looking at my list, I realise all of my goals involve self-care in some way, which means if I can step away from all the responsibilities I have to achieve the above challenges, means I will also achieve this one! Overall this is going to be the most important one, as I can't give to others if I'm running on empty myself.

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