8 Reasons to Love Your Birth Ball

[twitter_follow screen_name=”Mindful_Blogger”] Birth balls are used in every MummyNatal class. MummyNatal teachers are specifically trained and insured for using them in antenatal education. But quite often clients enquiring about my antenatal classes haven’t used or heard of a birth ball. Some clients have them from previous exercise routines and haven’t realised with guidance they can be […]

17 Things NOT To Say…

Silence is Golden… But Not Always a Given! So my awesome internet friends (not usually fans of silence it has to be said) have come up trumps again and miraculously haven’t got tired of me stealing their thoughts. Now for this blog, they share with me the most bonkers, weird, inappropriate things said to them […]

The Waiting Game

[twitter_follow screen_name=”Mindful_Blogger”] Waiting For The Day Waiting to have my first baby I felt overwhelmed my so many different emotions, whereas my second pregnancy seemed to flash by in a blur of scans and appointments. It’s funny how sometimes people experience their time waiting; it can be blink-of-an-eye fast, or an endless 9 months – […]

Newborn, New Life

Preparing to teach a sounding meditation in my new term of MummyNatal classes lead me to this stunning view of a road by Rob Bates. It really took take my breath away for a moment. As I looked at the twisting view of Castleton, it inspired me to think about the way my own life path had bent and turned […]

Mindfulness and MummyNatal

From Mindless Teaching to Teaching Mindfully MummyNatal birth preparation classes guide mums-to-be through a range of mindfulness inspired movements on a birth ball (completely revolutionary to me; at the hospital I’d just had one plonked in front of me and been told to bounce) and mindful breathing practise. Classes show clients a variety of ways […]


Hi! Welcome to my Mindful Blog where I’ll be writing about the most important things in my life: my children and my business. I was lucky to discover mindfulness, now I am passionate about what it means to be mindful, and how differently I experience my life when I try to be mindful. I’ve been […]