If you are pregnant and looking for further information about your childbirth choices, then MummyNatal classes could help you find some clarity. We discuss birth plans, contractions, induction, hospital and home births in the Tameside, Stockport or Manchester areas. If you'd like to find out more or have any questions about my pregnancy classes, feel free to email me. Or you can take a look below to see if the questions and answers can help you.

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"What if I can't do everything in a MummyNatal class?"

That's fine, you do just what you feel comfortable trying. We offer a variety of gentle exercise such as stretches, along with mindful movements on the birth ball, meditations, visualisations and breathing practise, and plenty of opportunities for you to find out what feels right for you. If you are at all unsure about trying out the birth ball movements or meditating, take a look at this blog to help you understand more about what we do in class.

"I've already experienced giving birth, do I really need to attend MummyNatal classes?"

Our courses are a mixture of first time expectant mums, and ladies who have given birth previously. Every pregnancy and birth is different, so our class helps you to focus on THIS pregnancy, THIS baby.  The sessions are also a good opportunity to take some time out from your busy life and everything you have going on with work, family, and day-to-day life and really just focus on yourself and your baby as well as connect with other local mums-to-be and make new friends.

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"I already know that I'm having a Caesarean Section, so why do I need to prepare for childbirth?"

The relaxation skills we teach are transferable across any birthing situation, including a section. MummyNatal classes don’t teach specific breath work just for labour, contractions or vaginal birth. You still have choices during a section and our classes can help you find out more about the options you have open to you. All the mindful birth ball movements incorporated into a class are helpful for your general comfort during pregnancy, we share pregnancy education which applies to all types of birth, and we discuss the role of birthing partners, all of which are just as vital for C-section mums as with any other birth. You can also see my blog piece for further details about Caesarian section choices.

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"Can I still come if I’m really early on in my pregnancy?"

Yes of course, there are no restrictions at all. You can join a MummyNatal course at ANY stage of your pregnancy after 14 weeks. The skills we teach become easier with practice and many mums choose to attend 2 or 3 terms of MummyNatal. They are enjoyable, relaxing, and a great way to meet other local mums-to-be. You may find you want to keep coming back, or of course you can just attend one course if you prefer.

"I don’t have six weeks left of my pregnancy, is there a shorter MummyNatal course available?"

That isn't a problem at all! You can come along for half a term, or even just one class if you would like to. The classes are really relaxing and even just one class can still have a positive impact upon you and your baby's birthing experience. Contact me if you need to book on a pay-as-you-go basis, classes are £10.50 when not booking a full term of 6.

I've changed my mind, can I get a refund on the course?

Unfortunately I cannot offer refunds, as once you are booked on the course that payment is final. Refunds would only be offered in very exceptional circumstances. If you aren't sure a MummyNatal course is for you, why not request a free trial before booking, then you can think about it and decide what feels best for you?

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"I’m too nervous to think about giving birth, should I just wait to see what happens when the time comes?"

If you are feeling fearful or anxious this is a great reason to come along to a class. We work on building up your confidence in your birthing abilities, being mindful about what's going on with your body and baby, and reducing any anxieties you have. A birth plan is a good idea, but this can be as simple as 'I'm going to attend a MummyNatal class' or 'I am going to be as calm as possible'.  Don't worry if you don't want to do a plan, or if you already have one written out. Attending our course can help you work out what your preferences are and may even introduce you to ideas and options you hadn't previously considered.

"I've already been to a free antenatal class at the hospital, why do I need MummyNatal classes as well?"

I offer a free trial class so you can come along to see what MummyNatal is all about without it costing you anything. I frequently offer 'early bird' promotions when booking a course, and you can also look out for special discounts at your next local Mothercare Expectant Parent Event! Our programme is designed to cover a range of movements, meditations and education topics, things that you may not learn elsewhere. We also focus on CHOICE and finding out what YOU want from your birth, which again you may not find available anywhere else.

"I've been told baby is back-to-back/breech/I have SPD/PGP/other issues, will I still be able to take part in a class?"

Yes, all the MummyNatal class movements are carefully planned to help create lots of space for baby so that they can move into their optimal birthing position, as well as helping release tension in your body. The focussing techniques we show you for use during contractions can also be used to manage aches you may feel from any pregnancy-related complications, such as Pelvic Girdle Pain. All our class movements are entirely safe for any condition you may have developed during your pregnancy. If you do have any concerns about a medical condition then you can let me know the information your doctor or midwife has given you and we can see if any modifications need to be made.