Dads and Postnatal Depression

[twitter_follow screen_name=”Mindful_Blogger”] Don’t Forget About Dads Dads are important. Mums are important, of course we are, but we can’t simply forget about dads. We (speaking as a mum) are the ones who go through a whole lot of stress to become pregnant if we are trying to have a baby. Or if the pregnancy was […]

The Finer Details

Details, Choices, Decisions Where to begin with planning the details for your birth experience? You have SO many options surrounding your birth experience. And please remember, it is an experience, one you will likely remember for the rest of your life. It isn’t merely just a medical process to jump over or cope with, and […]

Informed Choices

Informed Choices for Childbirth It’s very easy for me to simply say: when you are in labour relax, try to breathe, your body knows what to do. Yes, I have been there in your shoes, with aching feet and ankles, possible a size bigger than they were pre-pregnancy. I have experienced pregnancy, been through labour […]

So Why Write a Birth Plan?

Guest blog about the importance of a birth plan, written by Zoe of Bumps to Bubbas  – MummyNatal, BabyNatal and First Aid Classes in Worthing, West Sussex. Find out more about MummyNatal classes in Manchester and Stockport here. “What’s the point in writing a birth plan? Everyone I know says that they aren’t worth the paper that […]

8 Reasons to Love Your Birth Ball

[twitter_follow screen_name=”Mindful_Blogger”] Birth balls are used in every MummyNatal class. MummyNatal teachers are specifically trained and insured for using them in antenatal education. But quite often clients enquiring about my antenatal classes haven’t used or heard of a birth ball. Some clients have them from previous exercise routines and haven’t realised with guidance they can be […]

Newborn, New Life

Preparing to teach a sounding meditation in my new term of MummyNatal classes lead me to this stunning view of a road by Rob Bates. It really took take my breath away for a moment. As I looked at the twisting view of Castleton, it inspired me to think about the way my own life path had bent and turned […]